The Indian 'Beer Man' mystery!

'Beer Man' was the name given to a suspected serial killer who murdered seven people in south Mumbai, India, between October 2006 and January 2007. The nickname was gained due to beer bottles left beside each body, which was the only link between the deaths!!!

In January 2008 Ravindra Kantrole was convicted of one of the murders, that of a homeless man. He was charged with two other Beer Man murders but cleared of any involvement, thus leaving the remaining six murders unsolved.

In September 2009 The Bombay High Court acquitted Kantrole of any involvement in the murders due to lack of evidence. The forensic tests conducted on him were judged inadmissible, so was the eyewitness testimony of a person who said he/she had seen Kantrole for a few seconds and remembered his face 2 months later.

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